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This AR500 spinner is truely one of our favorite targets. It's a challenge for sure but it's just as much fun to shoot with a rifle, pistol, or shotgun. It is truely a versatile target!

  • Laser cut 3/8" thick AR500 steel
    • Thin, precise cuts provide one of the smallest heat affected zones (HAZ) so your target is as tough as possible.
    • The bottom paddle is 8" and the top paddle is 6".
    • Armored bushing
      • The greased bushing that is the heart of the target is armored with AR500 steel so an errant round doesnt ruin your target.
      • The armored front also protects the bolts so you won't have to stop shooting or interrupt your match to replace bolts.
      • This assembly comes with everything but the EMT conduit legs
        • To keep our shipping prices low you will need to supply your own 3/4" EMT conduit legs. They will cost you less than $5 at your local hardware store.
      • Target Ratings
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